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​Charis Medical Center  Preceptorship Program for PMHNP, NP/DNP students

Charis Medical Center  Preceptorship Program for PMHNP, NP/DNP students

Charis Medical Center has a program called the Preceptorship Program designed specifically for NP students. In this programme, participants can apply the skills they have learned during their studies as well as develop new clinical skills.

Clinical practicum is an important part of a nurse practitioner (NP) student's education and is a graduation requirement.

Charis Medical Center, offering educational opportunities for NP students, will accompany Dr. Akamangwa to patient appointments and write office/chart notes. We will work with your school to verify all that is needed to complete your courses.

At Charis Medical Center, we treat patients with We handle a broad spectrum of health concerns, from asthma to diabetes, and offer services such as physical exams and preventive screenings. Prospective students should keep in mind, Charis Medical Center treats both children, adolescent and adults’ patients (ages 1-85).  However, this population type is limited in numbers for new intakes especially during their school breaks.

Charis Medical Center will do everything it can to meet your program’s requirements, so it is essential you convey them beforehand.

Student Placement

Understanding Student Placement

​Student Placement

​Charis Medical Center will neither discriminate nor show preference to applicants because of their race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy status, national origin, age, disability or genetic information.

Students Schedule:

Students will be scheduled at least two (2) 8-hour shifts per week for the normal 12–13-week semester.  Any accelerated programs or requirements will be addressed on an individual basis with the preceptor. 

Apply for our preceptorship program

Please provide the following:

  1. Copy of Resume/Curriculum Vitae

  2. Copy of RN/CNP License & Credentials

  3. Copy of Nursing License

  4. Nurse Practitioner Personal Statement

  5. College/University Nursing Program Point of Contact

  6. Total Hours Requested for the Semester

  7. Specific Patient Population Requirements

  8. Course Syllabus

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